Here are the list of your order. Please ensure that we've list down the correct Code/Color/Size (If any). If something wrong, please do drop us E-Mail/SMS. Thank you :D

Batch 42 Order List (Pre Order)

1. Xue Ting
YA0161, Apricot

2. Mary
BGMA6050, Apricot

3. Intan
YA38107b, Black

4. Chiew Ting
YAB2009c, As picture
BR6-1897, As picture

5. Li Meng
YAH263, Black

6. Grace
YAB2016, As Picture
YAX6308b, White
BR8-980, As Picture
QBJ882230, Light Pink
YAX9311, Apricot
YA0162b, Khaki
YA48603, As Picture