Cool cropped jacket, completes with hoodie. The busy graffiti print certaintly an eye catcher! Be cool for only RM32

More checkered BF tee..yayy! Quick grab your before it sold out again. RM42

Super mini skirt with gold button. Nice! RM36

Everyone favourite kind of bag, hobo bag. Love the quilted straps, classy! Available in Bronze, Red and White at RM49.

Everything about this top are elegant. The cutting, the collar, the cuffs, the sash and the chiffon material. Yours for only RM49.

Gorgeous piece for offce wear. Simple white top with ruffles on the collar. Perfect! RM40

Tuxedo inspired top. A top so adorable you wear it anywhere. 3 cute designs for you to choose, pick your favourtie at only RM42.

The It Girl
Pretty chiffon top with cute cherry print. Interesting part about this top is that the straps are made of denim. Cool huh? Selling fast at RM48

Simple white singlet and highwaisted black skirt.2 amazing pieces attached together with elastic band in the middle, great! For girls on the run, just slip this over and you are ready to rock, no hassle to match outfits anymore! RM39

This bag is one cute stuff! Yellow colored, attached bow and small sized, all so adorable. Due to it small sized and detachable straps, you can either sling , clutch or carry it on you arm. Do check out Simplicious for bag measurement. RM30

Tube top wrapped in lace. Love how the striking pink color peek through the lace, great color combination, very Victorian inspired. Available in black and blue as well. Be sexy for RM46.

This lovely shirt is for keeps! The colors are sweet, the lil' flowers are beautiful, and the details that been put into this shirt are brilliant, especially at the back of shoulder and collar. Brilliantly beautiful! RM35

Triple Bee
Girly denim dress with white dots all over. Denim is so ordinary, you need dots to spice it up! This pretty dress is yours for only RM46

The sewn pleats and black trimming makes this simple top look elegant. A versatile piece where you can wear it for casual outing or just put a blazer on top of it for more formal look in the office. Only Red and White colors left.Priced at RM24 including postage, thrift!

The Dressy Dresser
What not to love about this shoe?? Elegantly designed to impress us ladies. Nicely placed metalic stripes and made of velvet material. Classy! It's yours for only RM55.

The Kooky Thing
I particularly love this color. So bold and striking, it screams for attention! But worry not for those who prefer black or white, it's available in that color as well. This sexy thing are selling fast, grab your now for only RM70!

Here come nine most fashionable things of the Summer 2009. Fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories that you MUST have in your wardrobe this summer.

1. Heel-strap sandal booties.
This Fall and Winter we get used to booties. And now in summer neither fashion-conscious people nor designers want to part with them. As a result we have very open booties or very closed sandals. You can wear them on bare feet or with pantyhose. Sandal booties look very sexy and beautiful. Anyway this must-have is a real hit of the catwalks. Look for them in Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Maison Martin Margiela, Paul Smith, Chanel and Alexander McQueen's collections.

Models Chanel and Bottega Veneta

2. Overalls.
This summer overalls will compete with our favorite dresses, all the more so fashion designers prepared for us many variants of the overalls. You can put on black classical overall going to your office, light coloured overall is good for party, short cotton overall is for beach. Interesting models of overalls you can find in Moschino Cheap & Chic, D&G, Missoni and Fendi's collections.

Matthew Williamson, Fendi and D&G's models

3. Stylish separate swimsuit.
Such swimsuits make silhouettes visually more graceful and this makes them very popular! But there is one disadvantage about them - sunburn will be quite fanciful. But designers of such trends as Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Topshop and Marc by Marc Jacobs are absolutely comfortable with that!

Models Melissa Odabash and Topshop

4. Sunglasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer.
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer are "HELLO" from 80's. In 80's they were extremely popular in Hollywood. Let's remember "The Blues Brothers" with Daniel Aykroyd and John Belushi or "Rain Man" with Tom Cruise. Today the Ray-Ban sunglasses are favourite accessory of Hollywood celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Mischa Barton and others.

5. Military style of jackets.
This thing became must-have in spring Fashion Week in Paris. According to streetstyle photos it is the most popular attire there. Duh! This thing underlines a figure very nicely!
3.1 Phillip Lim, Balmain, Topshop

6. Antique style dresses.
In new season ancient Greek goddess is a beauty standard for many designers and modelers. Asymmetric light dresses with complicated drapery are very popular. Versace, Valentino, Elie Saab and Lanvin offer us such chic attires.

Lanvin, Elie Saab, Versace

7. Torn jeans.
This season the condition of the jeans is much more important than its shape. This summer jeans style of 90's is very popular. Small and big holes, long and short. Many holes or just few of them - as you wish. Besides you can make this fashionable thing by yourself! Or you can find it in Balmain, Acne or House of Holland collections.

8. Bright shawls.
Here comes hippie and ethnic style! It keeps make us glad. This accessory will make any boring classical suit positive and summery. It can be tied up as a turban on your head.

Dior, Paul Smith, Missoni.

9. Wide bangles.
Wide bangles are extremely fashionable three summers running. However this season we can see wooden bangles not only plastic ones. Besides, this summer you can wear two or even three wide bangles on one wrist. It is very fashionable!

Plastic bangles Fendi, wooden bangles Bottega Veneta

Sexy lacey top for you. Love the lace details that gives you a hint of what's underneath. Available in black,blue and purple colors, at RM48 each. FYI, the zipper floral skirt the model wearing  is for sale too, go check it out!

Another cool piece from Tic Tac Toe.For those who are bold enough to wear harem pants, here denim harem pants for you. Neat cutting and feminine enough for trendy fashionista out there. RM60.

Flat oxfords in black & beige. Shoes so cute and trendy, you can wear it anywhere in comfort. Only RM69, it's yours!

Interesting prints of classic ornaments shirt. With many print shirts on sale nowadays, this particular piece sure is a unique ones. Wear it at RM30.

Beautiful crafted white silk dress. Love the lace, love the pleats, love diamante on the waist. Do i hear you need a dress for prom? Get at Rose Cottage for RM60

Geomtric print zipper tube for RM45 . Would look smashing if pair it with studded mini skirt. Oh, they also do sell a zipper skirt, go check it out yea!

Elegant kimono dress with butterfly sleeves. Varities of sweet colors to choose from. Trust your impulse and grab your kimono in your favourite color, just for RM40 each.

HI dears

We updated Belly Ring at Hearts2fashion site. Visit ya.!

Materials : Cotton + Tinsel
Flexibility : Medium
Size : Free Size
Color : Black
Measurement-Length:70cm Hip:80cm

6192 - Have stock again :)
Materials : Knitting cotton
Flexibility : Strong
Size : Free Size
Color : White-Grey
Measurement-Shoulder:40cm Sleeves:58cm Length:76cm Bust:86-104cm

Materials : Satin + Belt
Flexibility : Medium
Size : Free Size
Color : Black
Length:76cm Bust:80-96cm

Materials : Satin
Size : Free Size
Color : White
Measurement-Shoulder:38cm Sleeves:58cm Length:85cm Bust:98cm

Materials : Cotton
Flexibility : Strong
Size : Free Size
Color : Pink
Measurement-Length:72cm Bust:66-86cm

Materials : Cotton
Size : Free Size
Color : As picture displayed
Measurement-Shoulder:38cm Length:74cm Bust:90cm

Materials : Knitted Cotton
Size : Free Size
Color : Grey
Measurement-Shoulder:37-39cm Sleeves:56cm Length:67cm Bust:86-92cm

Materials : Knitting Cotton
Size : Free Size
Color : Black
Measurement-Shoulder:39cm Sleeves:38cm Length:75cm Bust:102cm

Materials : Cotton + Lace
Size : Free Size
Color : White
Measurement-Shoulder:38cm Sleeves:58cm Length:74cm Bust:84cm

Materials : Cotton
Flexibility : Strong
Size : Free Size
Color : Black-White
Measurement-Shoulder:39cm Sleeves:22cm Length:70cm

Materials : Cotton
Size : Free Size
Color : Yellow-Blue-Green
Measurement-Length:46cm Bust:92cm

2257- Have stock again :)
Materials : Cotton
Size : Free Size
Color : White
Measurement-Shoulder:38cm Sleeves:42cm Length:54cm Bust:84-98cm

Materials : Cotton + (Blue Chiffon Belt)
Size : Free Size
Color : Purple
Measurement-Shoulder:40cm Sleeves:30cm Length:85cm Bust:96cm