Here are the list of your order. Please ensure that we've list down the correct Code/Color/Size (If any). If something wrong, please do drop us E-Mail/SMS. Thank you :D

Batch 41 Order List (Pre Order)

1. Vanessa
YA38034, Red and Blue
YH7790, As Picture

2. Angie
YH7779, Blue
YAX1132, Army Green
QE4194b, Black/XL
YAX6306b, Black
YAX1139, Pink
YAS7011, White
YA5154, Black

3. Chiew Ting
QBJ22058b, Apricot
QBJ88169, Apricot

4. Sally
JM123, Black/XXL
JM533, Black/XXL
JM552c, Black/XXXL
LY1503b, White
TL2832, Leopard/37

5. Jesmine
BR8-262, Apricot
MQ98055, Beige

6. Eunice
YAH261c, Sapphire Blue
YA0351d, Rose
YAS7011, White

7. Amy
SLSL51253, Blue