Here are the list of your order. Please ensure that we've list down the correct Code/Color/Size (If any). If something wrong, please do drop us E-Mail/SMS. Thank you :D

Batch 39 Order List (Pre Order)

1. Fatmah
YAH255, As Picture
YA6297b, Black
YH7659, As Picture
YAH215b, Black (Ready Stock)

2. Xue Ting
SLSL21164, Black, SGD20
YAX949, Blue, SGD14

3. Chiew Ting
BR2-1439, Pink
QBJ88161, Blue
QBJ88191, Apricot

4. Faith
YA0339, White
CO5123b, Black
YAX033b, Apricot

5. Kitty
YA48180, As picture

6. Angela
XJ1157, Pink/XL
JM522, Black/XL