Here are the list of your order. Please ensure that we've list down the correct Code/Color/Size (If any). If something wrong, please do drop us E-Mail/SMS. Thank you :D

Batch 37 Order List(Pre Order)
1. Jo
QE4102, Black/ XXL

2. Sue
YA1958c, Blue
YA6292, As Picture
YA0633, As Picture
AN1677, Green
JK8321, Light Coffee
YA56235, White
CO5071, Black on White
YA37005c, Gray
YA56233, Black
YA3176c, Blue

3. Anne
YH7530, Black
YH7549, Gray

4. Chiew Ting
QBJ88004, Pink
QBJ88124, Apricot
QBJ880480, Apricot
SLSL51122b, Apricot

5. Adele
JK8117, Black
BR8-3521, Apricot
CO5073, White
CO5058, Apricot
M6918b, Black
BR2-806, Orange

6. Vera
YH7579, As picture
QBJ33821, Coffee
BR2-1032, Camel
JK8217c, Purple
YAH230, Coffee
YA8657, Black
YA6293b, Coffee
YA182, As picture
YA1677, Pink

7. Sally
YHX113, Black/37
JK8117c, White
YA0334, As Picture

8. Lynn
YHX118, Apricot/39

9. KSM
QE1099, White with Black/L
JM306b, Dark Blue/XL
QE1130, Black/L

10. Rose
QE4102, Black, XXXL

11. Kitty
YA57016, As picture
YA0328b, Black
CO5076, White
YA0151, Black
YA0151b, White
CO5080b, Black