When you meet someone, which part of his/her face attracts you the most? For me, it is their eyes. I think eyes can improve your look and makes you look younger.
You know why baby's eyes are so adorable & cute? This is because eyes are the only organ than won't grow as you age, hence baby's eye are bigger. Well, reality is, we can't stay cute as a baby right? So how lah to maintain the cuteness & innocent look?

Good news is, there are always contact lenses to help you enhance your eyes. From small iris to big & beautiful iris. Contact lenses even come in various color tones of your choice. You can choose different from different brand & sizes as well.

Get them at Your Lil' Secret

They did send me a pair of lenses for me to try. I got in grey, 16.20 mm (normal width for lenses is 14 - 14.5mm). It was my first time wearing contact lenses so i did not know what to expect. Impressively, upon wearing it my eyes look instantly different. My iris are significantly bigger and more tempting to look at.

Shining Eyes contact lenses in Grey, size 16.2omm

Look at that, my iris becomes bigger!
Excuse my dark circle, did not wear any make up

My eyes are so glossy & big *blush*

There are soooo many lenses to choose from, head over to Your Lil' Secret to choose you favourite color and size. I guarantee you, your eyes will never look boring again! In fact, even looking at your face are not boring!

If my picture did not tempted you to have bigger eyes, i hope the pictures below does!

To try it yourself or view these wonderful lenses personally, they will be opening a booth at KDU Media Expo, KDU College, Desa Damansara on 6th April, Wednesday. Head over there and check them lenses first hand or may be arrange a COD with them there.

If not, just visit them online by clicking the link below

Your Lil' Secret