Here are the list of your order. Please ensure that we've list down the correct Code/Color/Size (If any). If something wrong, please do drop us E-Mail/SMS. Thank you :D

Batch 36 Order List(Pre Order)
1. Karen
QE4107, Black/XXL
QE4114b, Black/XXL

2. Joan
YA38022b, Purple
YA61097, As Picture

3. Chiew Ting
BGMA573c, Camel

4. Josephine
JM106b, Black and Red/XXL
JM153, Black/XXL
JM298, Black/XXL

5. Nuradilah
YH7396, As picture
YAX936, Black
YA931b, Khaki

6. Nicole
RAY621, White
YA56213, White

7. Joyce
YA37002, As Picture

8. Wendy
C05027, Dark Blue
YA59084, As Picture

9. Jesmine
BR2-8965, Cocoa
BR2-2829, Apricot
BR2-1196, Cocoa
BR2-0921, Pale
CO5031, Apricot

10. Noor
LY1439b, Khaki

11. Saf
YAH220b, Black
COH161, As picture/L

12. Cathryn
YA1671, Black
YAB1960, As picture

13. Fion
YA9938, As Picture
CO5022, Beige
JK8315, Khaki/S
YA56220, Pink
YA1939, White
BR2-6096, Apricot

14. Dilah
CO5046, Black

15. Adele
LY1449c, Red

16. Yenny
M6918, Apricot/M

17. Joyce
XJ8307b, Blac/3XL
LIO9651, Blue/3XL
JM503b, Black/ 4XL